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I’m Lisa, The Shakti Coach.  I lend a helping hand to Empathic Women as you open to the mystical force that ripens your consciousness and illuminates the path to your soul.    Learn More About Me Here
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“Lisa has a lovely way of sharing ancient wisdom. During my Vedic Astrology reading, she guided me through a journey of my stars, sharing the flavor of each aspect I have within me. I especially appreciated how she seamlessly identified connections between different placements in my chart, showing me how supported I am by the different doshas.

She recommended that I use a specific gemstone to enhance & strengthen my Sun and it was beautifully synchronistic that I have a ring that I inherited from my Grandmother with that very gemstone.  It’s something I’m finding very helpful to connect with my own vitality every day. 

She is intuitive, knowledgeable and kind in her approach. I appreciated her personal attention to details, bringing my awareness to things I had not realized about myself and my journey.

She’s inspired to me explore more about Ayurveda, something I didn’t know much about before this reading because I can see how useful it can be in my quest to lead a healthy, happy life”.  KD

“Lisa McKnight has been guiding me in Ayurveda for about two years. She has provided very personalized care for my body mind and soul. Through an extensive questionnaire and multiple one-on-one meetings, she recommended Ayurvedic protocols relating to my diet, focusing on a seasonal diet, exercise, herbs, sense therapies, bodywork, and lifestyle. This is an ongoing process because Lisa knows we are ever evolving beings that have different needs at different times. I have experienced two different Ayurvedic forms of bodywork from her. The first being Abhyanga. This full bodywork was done with oil and left me feeling calm and rejuvenated. She also taught me how to do this to myself for my health and well being daily. The second form is Shirodhara. This involved a steady flow of oil on my forehead which Lisa monitored seamlessly. I’ve experienced this a few times and the feelings ranged from relaxing to a feeling of mental clarity. Lisa McKnight has shared Ayurvedic practices with an ease, sureness, and knowledge I really value.”  JT

“I am very grateful to Lisa for the time and energy she puts into her reading sessions! They are very thorough. She is open to questions and shares her insights, knowledge, and expertise in a thoughtful, clear manner which is readily received. She is very supportive and personable and aids with extended reference and resource information. My experience with Lisa has helped me help myself moving forward. I am happier, more confident, and feel a sense of optimism!  Thank You, Lisa”!  ~ BD

“Lisa is a very gifted and experienced Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Astrologist.  She is a truly sincere, passionate and ethical Practitioner”. ~ PM

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